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Kalisia - Digital Disclosure (Disconnection / Comprehension) lyrics

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Digital Disclosure (Disconnection / Comprehension) by Kalisia

Into Haven
Royth has entered...
The dark!
"Beauty, complexity
Of this heaven
Which seems frozen
Walls are closing around me
I cannot move, I cannot see
A strange voice is talking to me
Words that I don't understand
[Anjaan & Keiji:]
"Who are you? Where are you coming from?
You are new to this world, thou shalt speak anyhow"
- "He is from the outerworld
- Coming to rescue us"
"From what?"
- "He is our awaited Messiah
- Coming to take us home"
"Home? I am home!"
But Anjaan doesn't understand Royth's explanations about the dry desert planet outside, this cold universe, this dying sun.
"What is your real world? Could mine be all just fantasy?"
Accepting Royth's proposal, Keiji and Anjaan are disconnected from Haven and awoke in the real world.
"Welcome on board young friend
We hope you like your mortal frame
Out of Haven you now see
What is reality"
"My mind is so confused"
"I understand now, when we left Earth
We have travelled through time, but did not fold space
We have been thrown to a far future now at the end of time"
"Now at the end of time,
The countdown to extinction of life
We are afraid of the darkness"
"Come, into the light..."

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