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Trading places Lyrics

by J-Wall


Trading places Song Lyrics

Trading places by J-Wall

Verse One:
When I fall down, and I can;t get up
I look at my friends, I ask them what's up
There is no way, they have all this pain
If they did, we would all go insane
I feel that it, is only me here
Living in torture, shedding these tears
Now I turn to them, looking at their faces
We all decide, it is time to trade places

Trading places, their lives can't be so bad
Trading places, they never seem scared or sad
Trading spaces, little did they know
I was better off, with my life being so-so

Verse Two:
I moved over to, her house for a week
She moved into mine, it was answers that we seeked
I went to her dances, and cheerleading camp
She played my guitar, jammed on my amp
I tried to do I flip, I broke a damn bone
She broke her thumb, when she was jammin' alone
The very next day, we switched back our lives for good
It was a good thing to try, everyone should


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