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Tough society Lyrics

by J-Wall


Tough society Song Lyrics

Tough society by J-Wall

Verse One:
A century ago, this kid sat alone
He was so lost in society
Never any mail, no calls on the phone
He was the smallest minority
Nothing he could do, nothing he could say
Would ever earn him respect
He sat alone, on every single day
None of his words would effect
The way he was treated, by his unknowing peers
They were idiots, only he knew that
Sitting at his home, his eyes filled with tears
He thought of life, while he sat

How can it be, that others are so slow
To realize what they have done
Only this kid, would ever really know
Why he chose not to run
So I must ask, what the hell is wrong
With our tough society today
Because, just like that kid, my life seems too long
Troubles will never go away

Verse 2:
The lessons we are taught, are never the right ones
We should learn to be kind
Never, in our lives, will we have any fun
True answers, we will never find
For those very few, young adults with sense
My thanks goes out to you
You are the few, people who are not tense
You help others feel renewed


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