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One sacred night Lyrics

by J-Wall


One sacred night Song Lyrics

One sacred night by J-Wall

In the middle of March, you came knocking at my door
I did not know you, your friend was my girl before
She wanted me back, I did not want her
I wanted you, you asked if I was sure
We went back to your place, hung out for one night
I must tell you, It was love at first sight
Now you are only, a staircase and hall away
In the same building, I see you every single day

I need to talk to you, get you to be mine
We held hands once, it was the one and only time
It was a single night, my only time with you
I felt like I'd known you forever, it was love at first sight too
I want that night back, when we fell in love
But that night is now lost, in the stars up above

It seems impossiblke, to fall in love in one day
But, with you, it happened, almost right away
I stared into your eyes, you looked into mine
It was so amazing, you were so fine
My heart was racing, and so was yours
Then we decided, we both wanted more
I leaned toward you, a smile on my face
I got so close, I could feel your heart race


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