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One lane road Lyrics

by J-Wall


One lane road Song Lyrics

One lane road by J-Wall

The skies cloud up, the clouds fill with rain
I am on a narrow road, it's only one lane
A girl next to me, on the passenger side
I picked her up, she had been trying to hide
Her boyfriend was a jerk, he hurt her every single day
I saw her on the roadside, she was trying to get away
Then I said...

What has he done to you to make you start to cry
You chose to stay with him, I am still wondering why
Now you sit all alone, by the road, in the rain
So, I picked you up, I was in the only lane

You have suffered waymore, than most people ever do
I would not have survived, I feel so sorry for you
How can you just sit there, and take every part of it
Listening to hurtful words, and sometimes getting hit
You need someone to listen, my ears can hear
You really needed to know, that some help is always near
So I said...


Let the rain pour down, wash your troubles away
I will cheer you up! Let's make a new life today!

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