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Material love Lyrics

by J-Wall


Material love Song Lyrics

Material love by J-Wall

Verse One:
When I was four, I had this little car
It seemed so big, and I drove it so far
So, why do I, not care about it now
It is too small, if I sat on it, it'd go POW!
That love, was the love of a material
It is kind of like, a love for cereal
But those are loves, that should not matter at all
It is only true love, that will never fall

Material love, it should matter less
Material love, just causes every mess
Real love, does not include those objects
Real love, is something you will never forget

Verse Two:
It takes an adult, to know what love is
And even then, it takes experience
Some adults are idiots, acting like kids
Finding cr*p on EBAY, always placing bids
They need to learn, what true love is about
Will they ever learn? That is something I doubt


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