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Love's cure Lyrics

by J-Wall


Love's cure Song Lyrics

Love's cure by J-Wall

Verse One:
Standing behind her, holding her hands
She never has, any unethical demands
So easy to talk to, so fun to be around
I was feeling so lost, but with her, I was found
I can't imagine, how I lived without her
I see our future, kissing by an altar
She is so amazing, she is my last breath
She made me realize, I don't need crack or meth

My inner soul, my life is in her hands
As long as we're together, I have no demands
I never will, even think of leaving her
It turn's out that, she is love's cure

Verse 2:
Staring out her window, my arms around her tight
We see a shadow, walking in the night
It comes closer, revealing an old man
Wearing only a towel, a hose in his hand
It was very strange, but it could be a sign
That, one day, this girl, will be only mine
Maybe it means that, we will own a pool
Or, maybe it mean's, our love will be cool


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