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Jasmine Guy - Extrodinary dreams lyrics

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Extrodinary dreams by Jasmine Guy

I pretend when i don't feel a thing
for you baby i wanna hold you
until the day i die
i hope my life is younge forever
i hope that this won't be the end
cause my intire life has
been extrodinary i've learned
so much and i am so delighted
that i have learned lots of lesssons
in this world life is journey
and so many things in my life
have not been the same
as they were many years ago
i wanna live over a thousand years
i wanna stay this way forever but i don't think
i'll be this way ..for ages
when i grow old who will i become?
sometime's i just can imagine
and forget what i thought i might be
in ten million years i hope to still be this way
will i have another life will i stil be in this life
my life is so beautiful
how can i be strong without
friends and family
they make me speical they hold me
until i heal all the pain and i get strong...
when i grow who will i become
sometime's i just never know
who i am ...
so many things in my life
have not been the same
oh though it's been a huge change
so many words i can't say
so many things i want to change
so many things i'd have to come true
i wanna stand far away i wanna life
like everyone wants and right now
i have the dream i wanted to be real...
never hoped soon enough it'll be here already'
my dreams were chased i made them come true and didn't listen to what others think...

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