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Jasmine Guy - Feeling called lost lyrics

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Feeling called lost by Jasmine Guy

Do you ever get the feeling called lost ?
have you ever felt caught in emotions before?
i have and sometimes it eats into my soul ..
want chances still their even if i grow old
when i'm younge i feel like i dont have to move
but really if i dont i can grow and not be able to move again
cause i never go out do nothing ...
i used to be friends with a girl
that felt so alone she had so much
to do before it was the end of her time
life seems beautiful
and what you are to me
is amazing........fairy tale
i used to be friends with a girl
oh so little she was intellgent
and i was just an orangal girl
so individual and strong...
i can be more then just what you think
sometimes i feel not strong
sometimes i feel weak
all i ask is that you treat me
differently people in the world today
have changed i stop following others for a change
want a friend that knows me and understands
how can i be strong if you turn your back on me???????????

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