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Janiva Magness lyrics

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Album: Stronger For It (2012)

42 Miles
A Perfect Day
Aint Got A Clue
All For 1 & 1 For Me
All Of This
Anna Rebecca
As Close As You May Ever Get
At Seventeen
Beautiful Pain
Breaking Up
Bring The Boys Home
Bulgarian Wolf
Calling God
Ceiling Floor
Count Back
Dell Of Ferns
Elsewhere (or Run Like Mad)
Fighting For The World
Hangin' By A Thread
He Went Into Space
Heaven Wasn't In The Sky
Here's To Good Trends
How To Get Through The Glass
I Just Don't Love You Anymore
I Would Die For You - Feat. Sarah McLachlan
I'd Be Glad
I'm Not Your Lover
If It Be Your Will
If You Kiss Me
If You Loved Me
If You Would Fall
In Gingham
Independent Love Song
It Flies Out
Julia Pastrana
Las Sirenas
Life Is Sweet
Like The Way I Do
Looking For It
Looking For It (Finding Heaven)
Make It Christmas Day
Make Us Old
Misty 540
My Heart Is In My Hands
Never Give Up On Me
Not Enough
Not Saying Goodbye
Ode To A Friend
On This Bed Forever
Only One
Oregon Bloodbath
Over You
Planchettes Half-Apes
Poison Comb
Queen To Bathe
Rock This Girl
Ruby Red
Run Like Mad
She Knows Who
Since You've Been Gone
Skinless Jim
Sleep In Perfume
Sorry For Myself
Study Hall
Taste Of This
Teeth For Pearls
Tell It To Be Quiet
That's What You Get
The Curse
The Fifth One
The Last Thing You'll Ever Feel
The Right Road Home
The Sound Of
The Way Things Are Going
Thing For You
When I Cry
When You Left Me
Why Do I Try
Willing To Fall Down
You Kill The Dream

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