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Jadakiss - The Strongest On the Shelf lyrics

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The Strongest On the Shelf by Jadakiss

[Intro: Jadakiss]
Paint me purple and call me Barney!
Light up!
Aha! Yeah!
The Champ is Here
[Jadakiss Scratches by DGL]
Professional hood sh*t, look how I get back to it
Motherf**king gangsta Kiss (ya heard?)
And it’s more, it’s not like after this, I’m through
No love this time, nigga
(Tell ‘em it’s the Kiss of Death)
[Intro 2: Jadakiss & DJ Green Lantern]
This motherf**king crack music!
Yeah! You know who it is!
State your name
Kiss of Death, motherf**ker!
Let’s go! (Alchemist!)
Definitely the strongest sh*t on the shelf
You already know
Double R, D-Block
Off that Alchemist album
Yeah, what, yo, yo
[Verse: Jadakiss]
Listen, the thugs need it, hoes gon’ use it
Me? I’m just a young nigga that make old music
Ugh, sh*t is real, I put the emph on the four
Keep it with me ‘cause possession’s nine tenths of the law
Here I am, going all out again, doing all that I can
Even had a daughter born out of sin
Nigga, I make pain cinematic
I spit dope and you been a addict, treat beef like jail
Summertime, something big with the scope
Under the winter jacket; I use the winner tactics
And I know you tryna play the role
But bullets the wrong sh*t to interact with
I hurt the game, hurt ravine
Soon as you murk something, these niggas’ll chirp Janine
[Outro: DJ Green Lantern]
Nah, man
Too early for that
Alchemist album coming out this summer!

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