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Jadakiss - Kiss of death lyrics

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Kiss of death by Jadakiss

Uh, I learned the game, I know what I want in a minute (Uh Huh)
The time is now and it's gonna be up in a minute (Yeah)
You look a nigga in the eye, You can tell if he a tenant (True)
These fake rappers gettin' by with these hell of a gimmicks (Ha Ha)
They act like it's all love, only love is ya money
So when it's over nigga, are you a thug or a dummy (Which one)
I'm neither
But I've been hot so long it feels like I got a lifetime fever (Hot)
Now I ain't gotta spit, I can cough and still eat ya
But f**k rap I make mills off reefer
I'm a man first, tired of punchin' niggas
So I'm a shoot niggas
Cause my hands hurt (Let's Go)
And God is great
Guard ya space
One hand wash the other, both wash the face (Wooo)
When I had crack so much it's hard to see
38 revolver flow is so hard to trace
f**k that, pop off til nuttin in the clip left (Pop Off)
Til nobody in his clique left (Nobody)
Hole in the head, Slashed throat, A split chest
And if they ask what happened, tell 'em it's the Kiss of Death
Hustle hard til none of them pricks left (Nothin left)
Stick it up til not a crumb on the strip left (Take that Take that)
Make sure there ain't a chain or a chip left (Uh Huh)
And if they ask what happened
Tell 'em it's the Kiss of Death (Tell 'em Kiss)
The Kiss of Death
Yo this is locksville (yeah)
And even white America let ya negros know Jada got skills (That's right)
And you a jackass like Johnny Knoxville (Ha Ha)
So I could just imagine how your pops feel (Damn)
And you ain't worth my shells (Nah)
So you should just imagine how the ox feel
A lotta niggas is thousand biz (word)
Walkin around town like they got mills (Ha Ha)
For what it's worth I'm one myself
But my strength in the hood outruns my wealth (Yeah)
Still might catch Kiss in some hot wheels (What)
New Bentley coupe with the stock wheels (Ha Ha)
Look how I get back to it
I send my young niggas to do it
In a black Buick
I don't spit bars
I distribute the crack fluent
All I'm really waitin is for niggas to act stupid
(Yeah Yo)
To all my real niggas, sorry (Sorry) for keepin you waitin
It's ironic but the God was beefin with Satin (Feel me)
I love ya'll tho, my niggas for even relatin (Love ya'll)
This ain't Kiss talkin neither, I'm speakin for Jason (Why)
When you a problem, It's hard to keep you from hatin (Uh Huh)
And your jaws is like laws, so easy to break 'em (Yeah)
If I wasn't on some sh*t I'm gettin on it (Uh Huh)
Come to me wit ya hand out, I'm spittin on it
I don't wanna hear what happened
Matter a fact I don't even care what happened(Yeah)
Might as well declare the Clappin
Be my bones is old, got a lot of wear and tear from strappin (Uh)
Hate a nigga that ain't never there to see sh*t
But always hear what happened
Only thing better than money (What) is respect
No love this time nigga
Kiss of Death (What)

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