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Immature - Lover's Groove lyrics

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Lover's Groove by Immature

A beat for your jeep strictly for the jeeps (right)
The feelings on till the break of dawn
party's on lover's groove
right right
Let me take you on a ride
to a place where the ladies freak your mind
only romeo knows where the honeys go
cause I go the freak of the week
so let me take you to the loveland
where the ladies right and the girls look tight
cause theres nothing else to on theis crazy feel night
nothing else to do on this crazy feel night
The sun is shining (Shining)
the girls are fly
all the lovers around well well (say what)
evhe street
doin the freak (that's right)
then freak with me (freak with me)
in the lovers land
A beat for the sjeeps strickly for the jeeps right
(Chorus x2)
So im feeling high right?
I got the vibe you got the vibe
freaks come out at night
get your groove on party all night long
I got the freak with the big ole butt
I got nothing but love for you baby
so lets ride to the loves's groove
a beat is creepin (creepin)
hip hop flava
crazy crazified
all the loves out tonight (well well)
body shaking
love making
to the lovers groove
where you can kick it
A beat for the jeeps strickly for the jeeps right
(Chorus x2)
Yeah LDB's kicking in the lovers land
yeah with the lovers
and the lovers groove
oh yeah this is how we do it
uh right
yeah where all the lovers and the lovers go

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