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Immature - Just A Little Bit lyrics

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Just A Little Bit by Immature

(Chorus) x2
Just a little bit of love
and im ready
so come on
come on
I know that im ready to fall in love
and spend a little time with you (with you)
it's alright
just let me know what you wanna do
never mind me
just think about the way we can be
oh yeah (oh yeah)
your a fly freak
how deep (how deep)
is your love (ooh)
(Chorus x2)
You bring me joy
you put a smile on my face (smile on my face)
never gonna let you go (no no)
singing to wanna make you feel good
feel me flow
without you I rather be alone
whatever you need
Ill be there to please (ooh)
(Chorus x2)
I need love
I think about you daily
you know you are my baby
you know you drive me crazy
on my mind everyday
the thing I do only because your my boo
uh yeah yeah
immature laid back
just a little bit of love
you know im ready girl
(Chorus x4)

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