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With Lies And Crooked Lines Lyrics

by Haven


With Lies And Crooked Lines Song Lyrics

With Lies And Crooked Lines by Haven

Here you come crashing down,
Your mistakes are pulling you under,
The weight of truth is your burden to bear,
Lost in a shell,
Of your former self,
In a prison built on guilt that has grown to become,
Your waking Hell,

Do you recall a day,
When everything was fine,
Your perfect little world was drawn,
With lies and crooked lines,
Do you recall,
When you gave up on life,
The questions burning in your soul,
That haunt you in the night,
Going in alone will only sharpen,
Your murders knife,

Your past conspires against you,
Making you believe,
This cause is lost and dead,
An unseen enemy has taken over,
You've been condemned to wander,
On and on and on,

So close your eyes,
Say a prayer tonight,
'Cause there's still hope here as long as you will it,
So close your eyes,
Say a prayer tonight,
'Cause this will only end if you kill it,
Here you come falling now,
This pain is drowning you out,
No one can see you're dying all alone,
This hopelessness,
Is the plague of man,
Ripping out their hearts,
Is now the only way,
They know how to survive,


This can't go on
We're running short on time
This fallacy that you've believed
Has left no where to hide
Look back
Are you satisfied
These decisions and delusions
Have left you dead inside,
Abandon the darkness within you,
And step into the Light

So sorry for the things
That you've been through,
For the circumstances,
That damaged and hurt you,
Take a look and then you'll see,
I'm not your enemy,
And every good thing
That you ever had,
Was because of Him

Hold the line,
Keep the faith,
It's not the end,
It's not the end

Lifted out of the mire,
Your Savior rescued you,
And you have broken down the kingdom
Made with lies and crooked lines

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