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It Only Lasts Forever Lyrics

by Haven


It Only Lasts Forever Song Lyrics

It Only Lasts Forever by Haven

From the grip you have on me,
For the day I find release,
This is where we all lose ourselves,
This is where we all, lose ourselves

I'm sick, and tired, of lies,
Searching for a life,
To feel, And Breathe, A breath that satisfies,
And now I know,
That I don't belong here

This is how we all,
We all go down,
It seems like every time
We try, We're always
Losing ground,
And in the end,
Reflections of my past,
Echoing back at me,
I feel myself slipping

And everything I have ever known,
Is raining down on me,
But there is a fire,
That will never subside,
A Light that will guide me on,

Brace yourselves,
There are times you will falter,
Their sins piled high,
Like a corrupted alter,
You'll see in time,
That Christ can redeem you,
Out of this life,
A new creation, I'll become
Your life before your time,
It's fading,
Into the waning light,
And now I hate what I've become,
Oh God I hate what I've become,

I wait, And pray,
For hope, When everything is lost,
And dead, and gone, forgoten what it cost,
These days pass like falling rain,
But there is a way,

I see the look that's in Your eyes,
I feel the change that lives in mine,
I hear a new voice,
Calling out to me,
And in the wind,
There is a whispering,
A song of mercy speaking,
To my darkened soul,

It's in the way Your helping me,
Through trials falling now like stars,
Burning, Breaking, and taking me, DOWN,
It's in the way You rescued me,
From the demons of my past,
Give up the ghost, you can't break me,

I have risen from the ashes,
What remains of my past,
(Repeat screamed)

Feel, this rage will not subside
Shut your mouth, and open your eyes

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