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Music Video

We Want The Truth Lyrics

by Haven


We Want The Truth Song Lyrics

We Want The Truth by Haven

We want the truth!

Another day passes by and it all seems the same
The search for truth contiues but only questions remain
The lost search with hopeless ness lies are what they're fed
Shoved down thier throats till they're al dead
I'm sick of the corruption, i'm sick of the lies
I'm not gonna take it, i'll fight till i die
And you can't tell me it won't change a thing
'cause im not living for you or society

And we wont sit back and take your crap
Because we wont be stabbed in the back
So just piss off and keep your mouth shut
We won't believe your lies no matter what

We arleady see through you and your pathetic scam
And you'll never change me or who i am

And we'll never give up or draw a truce
'cause we'll neve stop living for the truth
We want the truth

Still time passes by more lies are spread
Working thier way into our heads
So sick and twisted it makes me sick
Feeding an addiction that i just can't kick
When will we be freed from this trap we're in
And how long till this suffocation ends
This choking feeling that never goes a way
The feeling of death getting closer every day

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