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Music Video

The Doe Lyrics

by Haven


The Doe Song Lyrics

The Doe by Haven

Make it bang dun tight the noose
We can hang one
Thought he was my dog
Now we got to cut off love
Ain't it bad news
When a nigga AWOL crew
You don't like us fuck it then we hate ya'll too
Handle business
What up that coke you flew
MOBB is who you be losing to
Gats tossed like jewels get flossed
Get an ass beat from a real nigga you crossed
QBC representative
Sip the E & J sedative
3rd time felon predicate
Put my money on
Can't lose stompin on
Shorty dime piece front I'm going all out
Probably catch me on the street ODin on stout
On my way to cop gats on discount
In the Navigator half sleep with beer on my breath
If a nigga front play him to the left

When it come to gettin dough or letting guns blow out a 4
When you got the blue steel to your back pimp your stack or lay flat
What it is Bronx and Queensbridge that's real
What it is Bronx and Queensbridge

What you thinking this is
We play for keeps in this biz
Yall copycats trying to do what we did
Money we gettin it
3 ways we splittin it
Mamis I'm rippin it
Suck it while I'm whippin this
2000 fly shit through the Bronx
Rotten apple take a bite of this
We survivalists
Born into violence
When niggas hear me rhyme they be actin wildest
Y'all deserve this
On this my flow flawless
If you in your crib then record this
Change up chicks every 2 weeks
When I get bored with rhyme awkward
But still the boss in this like godfather
Went from 5 dollars rockin agua pisada
Hardcore like piragua
Load the clip in
Rappers act like they're flippin
Find me on the Brooklyn dippin

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