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Harem Scarem lyrics

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Lyrics for album: Overload (2005)

Lyrics for album: Harem Scarem (2004)

Lyrics for album: Higher (2003)

Lyrics for album: The Early Years (2003)

Lyrics for album: Weight Of The World (2003)

A Kind Of Christmas Card
A Thief In The Night
Above And Beyond (the Call Of Love)
Akustinen Pätee
All i want
Anna Anteeksi Iskä
Anna Anteeksi Iskä Remix
Anna Tulla Vaan
Baby Don't Believe Him
Baby For You
Baby Sister
Be Careful Who You Love (arthur’s Song)
Better Get Your Pride Back Boy
Beyond The Blue Horizon
Bring It On Back To Me
Brodsky Tune
California Sunshine
Call Me Mr. In-Between
Call Me Up (and I'll Come Calling On You)
Charmed life
Chokin' Kind
Chronia Chelidonia
Come On Home Boy
East Timor
Eiks Ruotsi Muka Oo In?
End of time
End Of Time (Bonus Track)
Erään Ihmisen Tarina
Eräs Ilta Kaupungilla
Everybody's Baby
Give Me A Day (Dos Mou Mia Mera)
Grey Eyes You Know
Haista Vittu
Half In Love Half In Hate
Harhakuvitelma - Et Koskaan Saa
Has Anybody Seen Me Lately
He's Just A Little Meaner
Heartaches By The Number
Hello There Stranger
Helppo Elää
Home From The Forest
Hullu Se On
I Care
I Don't Believe I'll Fall In Love Today
I Don't Mind
I Fall To Pieces
I Hope You're Lonesome
I Run To The Door
I'd Rather Be A Fool
I'll Be Gone
I'm In Love And I Care About Nothing (Agapao Ki Ad
I'm Tired
I've Got A Tiger By The Tail
I've Gotta Leave You Baby
If you
It's Nothin' To Me
Ja Sä Oot Todella Kaunis
Jos Mä Nyt Kuolisin
Just A Queen For A Day
Just For The Heck Of It
Kaiken Piti Olla Täydellistä
Kaikki Peliin
Kädet Ilmaan
Kerran Vielä
Killing me
Kita Mia Nychta (Matia Mou I Ellada)
Kokopäiväinen Ongelmamagneetti
Kuka Harhakuvitelma?
Kun Jää On Liian Kylmää
Kun Sydämiä Jaettiin Taisit Myöhästyä Jonosta
Lauluja Rakkaudesta
Lay Me Down Tonight
Leave My Baby Alone
Life Goes On (i Wonder Why)
Little More Time
Mary Ann Regrets
Maybe The Hurt Will Go Away
Mä Tarvitsen Sua
Menneestä Huomiseen
Mul On Ikävä Sua
Na 'Me Kala
Now Everybody Knows
O Tilefonitis
Olen Aina Luonasi (Sormenjäljet)
Ollaan Yhdessä Vaiti
Out Of A Honky Tonk
Outside your window
Ouzo Otan Piis
Pelkkää Unelmaa
Pretty Good Shape
Put Me Back Together Again
Rakkaus Ei Asu Täällä Enää
Ready To Go Home
Sä Oot Ihana
See saw
She Called Me Baby
Sinä Vain
Small Homeland (Mikri Patrida)
Spanish Steps
Stis Dodeka
Sunday Morning Christian
Take It And Go
Tähti Tähtien Joukossa
Tell Me What You See
That Little Boy Who Follows Me
The Wild Flower (To Agriolouloudo)
Theos An Ine
This ain't over
Three Cheers For The Good Guys
To Anestaki
To Tango Tis Nefelis
Too Many Rivers
Uncle Sam (i'm A Patriot)
Unohdus Satuttaa
Ville Ja Veera
Voice inside
We Didn't Build This World
We're Proud To Call Him Son
We’ll Never Love Again
Weight of the world
What A Laugh
What's Left Of Me
Wild Seed
Wishin' She Was Here (instead Of Me)
World Is Weighing Heavy On My Mind
Wrong Company
Yankee Go Home
You Don't Know My Mind
You Love The Ground I Walk On
You Lucky Dog
You ruined everything
Zilia Mou
Zita Mou O,Ti Thes

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