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Gutterball lyrics

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Lyrics for album: Romance Revisited: The Love Songs Of Jose Mari Chan

"Mark" The Cubby Chaser/Newport Sweater Fat
1, 2, 3... Slam!
1-2-3 Slam (LIVE)
7 T's
A Date With Destiny
A Day At The Office
A Nice Place To Visit
American Made
April 29th, 1992
Baker's Dozen
Black Enforcers
Blessing In Disguise
Born In The USA
Bruce Lee Vs. The Kiss Army (LIVE)
Camp Fire Girl #62
Can I Borrow Some Ambition?
Can't We All Just Get Along (at The Dinner Table)
Can't We All Just Get Along?
Capitalizing From Plump Mistakes
Chicken Box (LIVE)
Chug-A-Lug Night
Con Especial
Corpse Rotting In Hell
Cram It Up Your Ass
Derek (LIVE)
Diamond Studded Bumble Bee
Disneyland (LIVE)
Do The Hustle
Encyclopedia Brown
End On 9
Falling From The Sky
Food For Thought
Food Storage
Gar - Bage , A Perfect Example Of Uninteresting Poetry
Gar-bage (Gar'bij) A Perfect Example Of Uninteresting Poetry
Gar-Bage , A Perfect Example Of...
Give Me A Gun
God, Steve McQueen "The Work Song"
Gods Kingdom
Guadalahabra (The La Habra Spirit)
Happy Loving Couples
High Balls
Hit Machine
Hot Dog To The Head
Hot Dog To The Head (A Hot Dog Is A Food Not A Penis So Get It Right Or Pay The Price)
I Have A Dream
I Read It On A Bathroom Wall In Reno
I Won't See You In The Pit
I'm Destroying The World
I'm Punk
Jamie's Petting Zoo
Jamie's Petting Zoo (LIVE)
Lemon Water
Lester Young
Looking Good Is All That Matters
Looking Out For #1
Lucky The Donkey
Marco Polo
Marco Polo (LIVE)
Marks Ark
Motorcycle Boy
My Chemical Imbalance
My Girlfriend
My Neighbor's Baby
My Town
No Such Thing (LIVE)
Oats (LIVE)
Octopus Hairpiece
P. C.
Party Of Two (Your Table Is Ready)
Patent Leather Shoes
Pee In The Shower
Perfect World
Please Don't Hold Back
Pot (LIVE)
Power Up
Power Up (Intro) (Instrumental)
Primate Camp
Race Track
Race Track (LIVE)
Rise Above
Scholarship In Punk
Second DUI
Secure Horizons
Shave The Planet
She's Got That Look
She's Got The Look
Steak (Under Water Version)
Summers Over
That's Life
The Dreaded Sea Lice Have Come Aboard
The KKK Took My Baby Away
The Next Faux Mohican
Think It Over
This Won't Hurt A Bit
Ticket To Quebec
Top Of The Hill
Trial Separation Blues
Trinket Trading, Tick Tooting, Toothless, Tired, Tramps... Or The 7t's
Trinket Trading, Tick Tooting, Toothless,...
Up Your Bum
Upside Down Space Cockroach
Use Your Mind
Veggicide (LIVE)
Viva America
Walk Of Shame
Wated Lives
What If?
What Then
What You Like About Me
What's Gone Wrong
What's Gone Wrong (LIVE)
What's The Big Deal?
When You Make Up Your Mind
Where Was I? (LIVE)

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