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Gangsta Blac - Scared of me lyrics

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Scared of me by Gangsta Blac

Hook (2x):
I, I, I think they scared of me [call the police...]
I, I, I think they scared of me [call the police...]
I think they scared of me [call the police...]
[Call the police and tell them watch your back]
I think they scared of me
[Verse 1: Gangsta Blac]
sh*t walkin' through some razor blades, JB help me find my way
Taylor B done slipped and made a poet wid a babyface
Mastermind wid plenty game, shattered wid no sinners man
Campin' lyrical out the deal just waitin' on some money man
Screeler check my afterburn, sh*t I just had an ooze
Made a quick maneuvre to enchance the dance I'm used to do
Split up all your f**kin' word, cut dem from all in your back
Platinum on my stat and trimmin' joanin' diamonds Gangsta Blac
K-C-D we're P-A-D, K-C I think it's over wit
Three Six grinnin' tap it up an artifact of rockin' sh*t
Hate this sh*t, slap this b**ch, dis the b**ch just like it is
'Quipped wid gamers think they doin' favours tryna knock a nig
In this for a meal ticket, ain't no time I gotta kick it
But when this is over and I smile you cannot get about,
Whoopin' lookin' thuggin' muggin' trillin' will,
Blast and blastin', if you scared,
Call the police and tell them watch your back
Hook (2x)
[Verse 2]
I keep my lyrics clocked on safety down to punish niggas daily
Down to get off in your sh*t, bumpin' real hard like dicks
?How been it? can't f**k wit me, playa a capital P
Light that ass man where's the fire, dangerous wid M-I-C
Technical diffi-culty, bump me out nigga no please
Pass me some ah that green weed, I show you how buck I be,
I am the b**ch made nigga killa,
I can't stop til I make screeler nigga, go f**k around nigga,
Cut up sideways deal wid my way nigga rock the town
Stand my ground, romp around, nigga get 'em down,
Easily, we'll agree muh'f**kin' what they said
Bloody red from your head, yeh I think they scared
Nigga you scared cause when I blast your whole team fled
Me and my niggas and glocks gon' leave your body soakin' wet,
Kick, in, the, door, wit the 4-4,
Terrified when I creep, from, the back hoe
[Verse 3: Gangsta Blac]
Kickin' down doors, peelin' wood up out the floor
Doin' shows and f**kin' hoes, Taylor Babies and some Mo
Father figure for a nigga daddy had to lay them low
Clearly pushin' information like they hatin' on that joan
Mentally I say disturb, troubled brain in this man
I ain't out to please, nah motherf**ka in this game
Just a fact and not a act, f**k wit claimin' but do you,
Do the same chain gang, know my name, through and through
Mr.Blac, on a mission takin' time, droppin' rhyme
Thumpin' bumpin' backroom jumpin' sumthin' sumthin' for your mind
No Versace straight up thug, no Cristal, drink a bub
Like tonight maybe the mic gon' hype and place 'em where they were
Dreamin' schemin' life ain't right, every word done miss a beat
Pen and papers once I got them halloweens and trick or treats
Nigga uhh, nigga what, give a f**k, on tv,
Gimme one, for some terror motherf**ker he wid me
Hook (til fade with different scratches and variations)

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