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Gangsta Blac - Blaze Up Anotha One lyrics

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Blaze Up Anotha One by Gangsta Blac

[Blac talking]
Yeah up in this motherf**ka
G-A-N-G-S to the motherf**kin' A motherf**ka
I got my brother Cool B, my nigga Berm on the side ah me
Dre house, my cousin K-Mud throwin' thug, S-P-V motherf**ka
Bla, bla, blaze up anotha one trick
We ain't finished yet,
f**k that busta kill that sucka
f**k that busta kill that sucka
Bla, bla, blaze up anotha one trick
We ain't finished yet,
f**k that busta kill that sucka
[Verse 1]
Creep up on yo funky ass, yeah I got a careless nigga
Blast four times to the spine, now a dead nigga
Broke out, my bank real quick, blaze anotha one
Smellin' dead bodies mixed wid weed psychopathic son,
My brother gon' smother motherf**kas for the f**k of it
K-Mud ever thug, crackin' scrugs, tyin' up some sh*t
Jumpin' in the rental Continental hit the town right
Twenty-one, dollars in my pocket makes a long night
Climbin' while I'm drivin' motherf**kas we be gettin' it on
Just awaken shaken once again, so you know it's on
In the hood, crazy motherf**kas born night and day
Gangsta just be one, out the pack, straight from Parkway
Tanqueray, sippin' city dippin', keep my game strong
Ignorant ass b**ches interferrin' but I'm smokin' on
Never let anotha motherf**ka come and disrespect
He die if I'm high, blaze anotha we ain't finished yet, b**ch!
Hook (2x)
[Verse 2]
Chiefin' hay, every-day, the Southern way,
Totin' nines I'm color blind, I'm straight for mine
You can call it what you want, I really don't care
The life I live is motherf**k it, a do or dare
A couple ah jackers, I need some cheese wid my crackers
I'm tryna stack up, my dividends to the max
Don't try to test, without no f**kin' bullet proof vest
Boom, boom, boom, another bloody murder mess
No time to waste, my face paste wid ah frown
A madman, only weeeeed can calm me down
No love for scrubs, cause scrubs ain't never did sh*t for me
No love for the other man,
Cause the brother man lives the world so lonely
A nigga lim' dimin' late night climbin' as chief Blac would say
And nuff respect to my niggas on South Parkway
Yes we be chiefin' hay every motherf**kin' day
Yes we be doin' it the Southern way nigga
Hook (2x)
[Verse 3]
Rumblin' through the cars just like a blind man
My destiny is to get paid understand man,
A mister motherf**kin' genius, I f**kin' mean this
True to this game cause I'm a thug, doped out on drugs
My nigga B he got a juice, and some ah that hype
Lil Man know when it be on cause it's a quiet night
A dice game whip ya 'erves, what's up my nigga
Tay Baby got some f**kin' hyper if you smokin' nigga
Inspect the Gangsta once I change, I thought you knew
Go tuck your nuts cause ain't no guts, up in this fool
But to my niggas who be jailin', like psycho P
And Hardtime and Dunno D, up in the streets
We standin' down 'til they act up, I pull my gak up,
If they get shot up cause they f**ked up, without they nuts up
Cause ain't no suckas in this hood, it's all good
Don't try to change the f**kin' channel, I wish ya would
Hook ('til fade w/variations & talking)

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