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Force Of Evil Lyrics

Song Lyrics

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Album: Black Empire (2005)

Album: Force Of Evil (2003)

Acoustic Instrumental (Instrumental)
Ammunition For Your Conversation
And Still We Try
Angry Anthem
Careless Days
Circles And Cycles
Cross My Heart, Hope To Die
Cween Of The Mark
Dance The Night Away
Dependent On Attention
East West
Engla Tocyme
Exhale (Instrumental)
Eye Of The Storm
Fat Lady
Fire From The Sky
Forever In Chains
Fountain Of Grace
Four Letter Lie
From Tragedy To Imaginary (Instrumental)
Getting Used To Disappointment
Go To Hell
Good Old Days
Goodbye I Love You
Hallowed Halls
Hell On Earth
Hey! Woo! Yea!
Hope Prayer And Time
I Want To Call You Baby
Insecurities Securing Tragedy
Into The Forever
Iron Hand
Just A Memory
Keep Marching On
Killing Me Slowly
Love Song
March Of The Pigs
Maybe I'm Wrong
Mellowing Of The Mains
Miri It Is
Misery Man
More That I Can Bear
My Last Goodbye
My Life
Never Isn't Something For Everyone
Ours Is The Kingdom
Proud To Be Proud
Rebel Of The Marshlands
Scare Me
She Loves Me Not
Ska Show
Something Missing
Sometimes Like The Tide
The Bible Is Bullshit
The Call To Arms
The Calling
The End Of The Beginning (Instrumental)
The Folk That Time Forgot
The Golden Dragon
The Perfect Way To Cut Myself
The Sea-Kings
The Shield-Wall
Theodish Belief
These Nights Will Define Me
Threads Of Time
Three Great Ships
To The Mountains They Fled
Twenty-Nine Minutes Defend Tweny-Two Years
Under The Blade
Vague Love Song
Voting Doesn't Work
We Are The Company We Keep
We Burn In Our Own Comfort
Web Of Lies
Where Does The Time Go? (guest Vox: John O'kane)
Wishing You Well
Wolfhead's Tree
Worst Day

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