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Music Video

Strangeland Lyrics

by eLZh


Strangeland Song Lyrics

Strangeland by eLZh

Elzhi, there it is
Georgia Anne, there it is
Dudley, there it is
Check it out

[Verse 1]
This beat slapping like Goldie at the Player's Ball
Coming out his robe if his paper small
To show my ass and sh*t on you is not a nature call
I'm trying to crack ya head and blow ya mind until you paint ya wall
The rappers that I ate that you would consider great with all
Cold, but then they frozen, and afterwards I watch a glacier fall
Through hellfire, hotter than a Taco Bell fryer in a building next to Belle Tire
I exchange higher than a propel flyеr after lighting up a L prior
To catching the Holy Ghost by a hired fеmale choir
And that's just me messing around
I'm the pie in the sky, the treasure chest in the ground
Oil struck on the planet: what else you thought ran it?
The whole battlefield becomes abandoned once I drop a war missile
You feeling like a pimp? Go on, brush your shoulders off
But you can get swept as soon as I mop the floor with you
Don't wind up in a strange-land with the deranged man
Those with short change can't keep they two cents before it exchange hands
'Cause that's a nuisance, about as much as someone I knew since
I started using my brain, but didn't gain any new sense
And won't even give focus with a few squints, looking through tints
Another dead man here and was found as the head bandit, without a headband slid
So instead, where he bled landed all on my blueprints
That's how I caught him red-handed
So, who's a fool impress him?
With they medula guessing
Schools in session, I'm the open book you study for the rule and lesson, yeah
There it is
I'm not the one to test, no need to prepare a quiz
Too many claim king, but can't sit in this chair of his
All that talk have you laid out in front of your therapist (Ayy)
There it is

[Verse 2]
I'll destroy your fam like dysfunctional marriages
That won't even spare the kids inside of the carriages
Rap is like the crack game, peep how I compare the biz (Yeah)
If I put my hands on you, it's to heal, but the thought alone would kill y'all
Your threats still fall under wolf tickets
I only buy to see Tyler the Creator while y'all selling them at will call
Have several seats before the real stall
I've showed you the bigger picture as if I were a theatre
Mission failed if you think you dissing El from up under his nose when suspicion smell
Like rats with a missing tail, that kiss-and-tell, endless in tell
Through Dark Knights like Christian Bale, I can tell you how a Mausberg sounds
Before battle rap, I watched niggas flip quarters, and then I heard rounds
I got the Juice like Q when Bishop Grip came a loose on the tall building
Then the fall killed him
Is that confusing as teaching small children
To rep a nation that give reparations but hate foreigners when they all pilgrims?
It's the way I create formulas that bubble in the beakers
That flow through the speakers and knock you out your sneakers
You wouldn't stand a chance
Rich rappers, put up your hundred grand advance
With the pen I can turn a name into a number
Shackle you and have you escorted through the right entrance
To be put in a mental prison
So why would I sweat your bars, knowing they coming with a light sentence?
You a block away and I'm a flight distance
I'm just living out predictions from a palm reader who light incense
Whether old nigga or new nigga
Don't become a memory to make some beer pour out of brew swigger
I would rather be here for you, that's word to Georgia Anne and Declaime
We came to record the stand-out album of the year for the listeners
For those cooking up the dish like it's Siddish for us
It's going to get ate up, how it's meant to be
I mentally disturbed the entity that sent to me

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