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Music Video

Pros and Cons Lyrics

by eLZh


Pros and Cons Song Lyrics

Pros and Cons by eLZh

[Intro: eLZhi]
Yeah, this goes out to my peoples off Conan
To my peoples on Joy Road, Evergreen, Clinton
All my peoples, ayy
Get it right, ayy
The Lord knows we stood..

[Verse 1: eLZhi]
My guys, pros and cons to this sh*t
Take it from the prolific
Who's proficient with the pen, let's begin, or shall I proceed?
To jot down what's profound
I pray you don't acquire beef, but, get your protein
'Cause it's important
I know some promoted propensity for violence
That propel into projectiles, 'causing moments of silence
For something blown out of proportion, like propane
Do you provide our prescription promethazine to proliferate your provolone
Or is it cocaine?
Don't wanna see you catch a charge, like a proton
And, get probation from a hustle that is profane
Like, the provocative lifestyle of a protagonist
That follow procedure to protocol
Off a project produced by Yours Truly
I would rather you be a protégé
And see in a different perspective when things don't go your way
Ever read up on gang culture?
Our people were provoked to stick together for protection
From those who hate that we were born to procreate
My views are in between folks who protested the election
And the pro-black self-proclaimed freedom fighters
That lick the shot after prohibition towards aggressors
That created programs for the kids who's now professors
Who otherwise wouldn't be prone to make it out on they own
But I'm not prophetic, I just propose that you stay proactive
It's not productive to procrastinate
'Cause it can prolong or prevent progression
Makin' it harder to obtain what you see as a profession
Or stab your dreams in the back with the knife pertrudin'
And be the one pronounced dead from another shootin'
There's pros and cons to this sh*t
Yeah, there's pros and cons to this sh*t
[Chorus: Georgia Anne Muldrow]
Test of time
So, dry your eyes (Yeah)
Into a paradise (Paradise)
Inside (Inside)
The Lord knows we stood the test of time (Stood)
So, dry your eyes (Dry your eyes)
Into a paradise (Paradise)
Inside (inside)
The Lord knows we stood the test of time
So, dry your eyes (Dry your eyes)
Into a paradise (Paradise)
Inside (Inside)
The Lord knows we stood the...

[Verse 2: eLZhi]
I write a rhyme without a concept of time
Flyin' by, like a concord
They put my name in the conversation
That's the continuity of confirmation
And constant unity to conjure usually, build a congregation
Con artist, keep your contract
I'm too confident to ever contemplate
On givin' in to what you conspire, 'cause y'all got some contacts
I am the best, be my guest to take that out of context
Especially if your content centers around your heater burstin'
And contrast subconscious
But on the contrary, even the conscious can eat a person
That's mean-spirited, like The Conjuring
I'll handle that like Constantine
I'll make a concave out of a condominium
I'm conquering harder than the conquistador
In a conquest before convoys seizes war, that was nasty
There's no contraceptives contracting diseases or
Constipated feces, sure
It's no contest, and I don't think you want a confrontation
What's fire to this brainstorming rain forming condensation
On the concrete from out the constellation
There's no consolation prize for you guys, just this consultation
To you, condescending, walking contradictions, kiss the Converse (Mwah)
Every time someone's convicted over commerce (Woah)
For not keeping they controversial lifestyle confidential
They confiscated consolidated contraband (Damn)
Though, they were facin' consequences
How they were treated was unconstitutional by the congressman
The courts held them in contempt, was not exempt to exile
If that's your contribution, there's pros and cons to this sh*t
[Outro: Georgia Anne Muldrow]
Paradise inside

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