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Album: Starts And Ends (2009)

Album: Talkin' Talk (2001)

10 Knots
A Hand Without Strength
A Horse With No Name
A Kiss Between The Legs
A Tua Vez Já Passou
Adeus Dinoman
Amanhã Não Sei
Anata He
Another Day
Apaixonados Por Uma Deusa
Are We Alive Here???
As Common As
Bad Craziness
Bakkanaru Time
Be so bad
Believe in what you say
Between You & Me
Black Crickets
Blood In/out
Blue All Over
Brand New World
Call Of The Wild
Caminho A Seguir
Cloudy Hours
Counting The Cattle
Dance Around
Day Of Wrong Moves
Declaro Independência
Don't Tell Me Anything
Donna Ni
Down That Dusty 3'rd World Road
Dreamin' On
Empty Heads
Esquece Tudo (E Dança)
Essência (Da Minha Vida)
Estar Ao Pé De Ti
Everything Glows
Evil Twin
Girl Nation
Girls (want everything they see)
God's Favourite
Golden Way
Grow Or Pay
Hás-de Sempre Estar
Hate To Say I Told You So
Herói Por Um Dia
Hey Little Airplane
Hikare No Naka He
Home Alone 4
Hopeful Days
Human Kind
I Don't Want To Talk About It
I remember these moments
I want U 2 B with me
I Won't Cut My Hair
I'd Rather Live Than Die
I'm Not The Same
Ill Will
Imagina Comigo
In the game
Isn't That Wild
It Changes Everything
It's After Dark
Jackie 'o
Jogo Perigoso
Kaze No Melody
Kibou Kurappu
Koo No Tori
Land Of Their Choice
Last Mango In Paris
Laugh 'n' A 1/2
Laugh N A Half
Life Right Now
Lords Of The Atlas
Mad Days
Makin' Fun Of Money
Marlboro Man
Mighty Highty High
Missing you
Naked (But Still Stripping)
Never Never (Indian Love)
Nido Me No Sayonara
No More Cry
No More Cry (Traducao)
No One Answers
Now Or Forever
O Minuto Da Vida
Ore Tomo
Out There
Para Mim Tanto Faz
Percorre O Meu Sonho
Play me the song
Point Of View
Prayin' To A God
Quem Eu Quero Pra Mim
Querer Voltar
Remember These Moments
Ride My Train
Riding With Sue
Rim Of Hell
Riskin' It All
Rock 'n' Rock Radar
Rock River
Roketto Kouen
Sad Sad Christmas
Shall We Norinori?
Siamese Twin
Sing my name
Sleeping My Day Away
Smart Boy Can't Tell Ya'
Só Depende De Nós
So What (If It's All For Love)
So What?
Soft Dogs
Something Good
Son Of A Gun
Summer Me Soon
Sweet music
Talkin' talk
The Road Below Me
The Truth About You
There's A Ship
Thunder & rain
Todo O Tempo
Top Of The Summer
True Believer
Tudo Num Segundo
Un Frappe Sur La Tete
Up Up Over The Mountain Top
Verão Azul
What's The Matter
Who says (this is love)
Wild Talk
Wonder Love
Written In Water
You Do What I've Just Done

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