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Dirty Dozen Brass Band Lyrics

Song Lyrics

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Album: Jazz Moods: Hot (2005)

Album: Twenty Dozen

After The Club
Amelia Bedelia Is A Whore
American Dream
Another Round
Be My Dancer
Big Thinkin'
Burn By Myself
Cabin By The Sea
Check The Level
Coldwater, Tennessee
Coming Home
Don't Renege On Our Love
Enough Is Enough
For Your Love
Gangsta Love
Georgie On A Spree
Hanging From A Lamp Post
Hokey Pokey
Holler At Ya Boy
I Feel So Good
I Got No Time
I Want To Be With You
I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight
I'll Regret It All In The Morning
I'm Back / And Lonelier Than Ever
If That's Country
Jerusalem On The Jukebox
July 4th
Last Night
Lay Me Down
Lemme Get A Newport
Lie, Memory, Lie
Life Of The Party
Light Me Up
Living Like A Runaway
Lonely Satellite
Lose Ur Love
Losin' It
Making Love
Mole In A Hole
Nasty Mouth
Never Again
No One Will Return
Nothing Left To Say
Old 45's
Old Man Inside A Young Man
One Night Stand
Only Yours
Raelene Wheeler
Regular Love Son
Ride For Obama
Rock Bottom, Pop.1
Rub-a-Dub Style
Sails To The Wind
Sex, Drugs & Violence
Shadow Dance
She Coppin' That Thang
She Da Best
She'll Go Down / In Honky Tonk History
Shoot Out The Lights
Smiffy's Glass Eye
Soda In A Water Cup
Spread Too Thin
Sunsets And Death Threats
System Breakdown
Takes Me High
The Only Way To Die
The Temptress's Smile
Tomorrow Gone
Under My Breath
We Never Killed Each Other / But Didn't We Try?
We On
We Will Rise
What Would Chuck Norris Do
When I Get To The Border
When I Grow Up
White Lightning
You Looked A Lot Better Last Night

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