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Stupid Lyrics

by Dingus


Stupid Song Lyrics

Stupid by Dingus

I'm just a stupid, simple guy
Locked inside this caged routine too dumb to find a key
So here I am, scarfing down the bliss
Of an average-Joe American who never stops to wonder
If there's more than suburb dreams
Of children leading mindless ways of living
With another family and an SUV

Take me from this aging road
Where lives subsist the status quo
Would you take another swing
If there were something else to be?
Why wait until remorse is closer?
Now, the months keep going by
And overwhelming thoughts
Of self actualization yield any pursuits
But still I question what "successful" means,
Attempt to act accordingly,
Won't let access to basic means
Get in the way of any dreams in mind
Because we all go about our courses
Until nothing's left but corpses
What's in-between is yours

Like sheep, we'll follow blindly within fenced restricted grounds
Such comfort keeps us from wanting to be woken
A humored population lured in from false temptation
An American Dream formed and never broken down

No martyrs, no re-entries,
No farmers or gentries,
Over and out, but it's only begun

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