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Pay The Bills Lyrics

by Dingus


Pay The Bills Song Lyrics

Pay The Bills by Dingus

Check the mail, your rent's been waiting
The time has come to pay the bills
And these envelopes ironically
Make it easy to send back the money scr*ped

Procrastinate, they'll send another
Until Big Brother comes and kicks you in the ass
Your time is running out
And your priorities need order once again

Your cell phone is dying, your card's interesting
Your cable's growing rabbit ears
And the mess you've created for them and yourself
Is pouring the sweat, and it's shedding the tears over you
Oh, where to start? not paid until Thursday
And even then, just fifty bucks
Because your wage is minimum
Along with your skills so you can't find better work

Oh, what to do? still owe that one guy
And these dimes I've found beneath the couch
Aren't enough to buy the stamps
For the letters piling up, for the "thank you's" to my grandma
Who's been sending me the checks
For the food and for the rent and all this sh*t

All of these things that we don't even need
All these brand names known useless
All of the times that we've made sacrifice for love
And disregard a meaning for life

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