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Diamond Head Lyrics

Song Lyrics

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Album: Diamond Nights (2000)

Album: Death & Progress (1996)

Album: Am I Evil (1986)

Album: Behold The Beginning - U.S. VERSION (1985)

Album: Canterbury (1982)

Album: Borrowed Time (1981)

Album: Lightning To The Nations (The White Album) (1980)

'Till The Heartache's Gone
(I Will) Start All Over Again
1642 Imprisonment
A Better Idea
A Broken Spell
A Mansion In Darkness
A Secret
A Visit From The Dead
Amon Belongs To Them
Appalachian Dream (Instrumental)
At The Graves
Ballad Of Conley And Billy The Proof's In The Picken'
Behind These Walls
Big (Instrumental)
Big Ol' Fire
Black Horsemen
Bye, Bye Missy
Calling All Hearts
Calling All Hearts (Come Back Home)
Can't You Tell
Close To The Edge
Demons And Angels
Down By The Riverside
Dressed In White
Eye Of The Witch
Father Picard
God Only Cries
Gone Out Of My Mind
Hear I Go Fallin'
I Thought I'd Seen Everything
I'm Already Gone
If You'd Like Some Lovin'
In God We Still Trust
Into The Convent
It Does Get Better Than This
It's All In Your Head
It's Electric
It's Gone
Just Another Heart
Kissable, Huge Able, Loveable, Unbeliveable
Let It Be Done
Life After Death
Louisiana Darkness
Lurking In The Dark
Make Sure You've Got It All
Mama Don't Forget To Pray For Me
Mother's Getting Weaker
Night Is Falling In My Heart
No Presents For Christmas
Norma Jean Riley
Nothing In This World
Oh Me, Oh My, Sweet Baby
Old Weakness
Old Weakness (Coming On Strong)
One Believer
Out From The Asylum
Pick Me Up
Poultry Promenade (Instrumental)
Rural Philharmonic (Instrumental)
Sawmill Road
She Misses Him On Sunday The Most
She Sure Did Like To Run
Sleepless Nights
Something Cool
Start All Over Again
Ten Feet Away
That's Just That
That's What I Get For Loving You
The 7th Day Of July 1777
The Accusation Chair
The Ballad Of Conley And Billy (The Proof's In The
The Box
The Candle
The Curse
The Family Ghost
The Invisible Guests
The Jonah
The Lake
The Love Of A Woman
The Meetings
The Portrait
The Possession
The Puppet Master
The Trial (Chambre Ardante)
The Wedding Dream
They Don't Make Hearts (Like They Used To)
This Romeo Ain't Got Julie Yet
To The Morgue
Twilight Symphony
Two Little Girls
Walkin In Jerusalem
Walkin' Away
Welcome Home
What A Beautiful Mess
You Ain't In It
You'll Find Me

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