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New Age Eden

by Dave Sharp


New Age Eden Song Lyrics

New Age Eden by Dave Sharp

We got a rumble here, everybody knows
Except you; you're crazy, pan handle in the road
Can't you see there's a jungle here, it's real and it's cold
Why the hell can't you sort it out
The whole thing's set to explode
In a new age Eden
Dream on
Dream on
Dream on
It looks like a graveyard here
But who can tell
Could be a sinking dream
The bottom of a bottomless well
Could be, it's a perfect? war
But it's way too mean
Could be a hurricane, like it said in Time magazine
Or a new age Eden
Dream on
Dream on
Dream on
Deep down in the subways
Way after dark
Some guys singing protest songs
Picking on them guitars
Singing Cane and Abel?
Yes, here it comes again
After a thousand years of this
You'd have thought something here would have changed
It's high time for prayer now
For all gathered in this house
Forget about them Philistines
They ain't never going to work it out
Locked in a room full of mirrors
Waiting for the bell
Brings a seven winds of Hades down at seven minutes to hell
We need a new temple here
The old one's going to fall
All will be revealed
All you've got to do is heed the call
As you toil in silence
As you work the land
As you sail across the seas
As you lend a hand


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