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In The City Lyrics

by Dave Sharp


In The City Song Lyrics

In The City by Dave Sharp

Smokestack in a rainstorm
Long way to move on
I've chained here too long
No moon, and sun gone
Rode up on a lifeline
Tracked up on a train line
bad luck
thin line
Bus ride on a greyhound
Waking up in a bad land
Warm heart and cold hands
I can't sit and I can't stand
Thank God on a bad day
Bad job on a low pay
No right and no way
Be up again some day
Way down in the city
Way down in the city
Ain't nothing too pretty
Way down in the city
Wife dead on a gun boke?
Way jokes
Bad rust and bad smoke
I get a no joke
Green house of big heat
Dead trees and dead meat
Fast food you can't eat
Stuff kids dead beat
I don't free the hostage
Bank raid get rich
Fuel pumping oil slick
Black gold that you dig
Six feet and gravestone
I burned up on a gun run man you know?
I just can't get satisfied
Way down
Straight down a states street
Hot tub and a hair grease
Dark brown and big freeze
Bad trouble and police
Street backs switchblade
No sense a crusade
Long tail and no pace
This land that go[td] made
White world of moonshine
Black bear of bad time
I lost sight and I gone blind
Last chance of a lifetime
Black deuce of love stone?
White rose a milestone
Sat down a unknown
Last stop to headstone

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