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Where The End Justifies The Means Lyrics

by Dauntless


Where The End Justifies The Means Song Lyrics

Where The End Justifies The Means by Dauntless

Life-drained body but my mind is still free
To pay back everything that they've taken from me
Standing proud though my wounds make my eyes see black
Swearing "never give up" I will accomplish my crusade

Hear me say this:
The world we knew is burning
Just break anything

Here where every life has a price
Where the end justifies the means
And (where) there is no end...

Who has the power?
Who has the agenda for the people to follow?
Who has the guts to show it?
They tried to strike me down from my fortress - effortless
My kingdom is where I am, not in the bricks of wall made by man
Consider me as a guide, not as a mastermind behind a serious crime
I'll lead you away from this monetary system's way
It's the wrong way

We have the power to destroy and to create
We have made a statement, it's our resolution
It is not a war but an uproar of a thousand mislead souls
So easy to break their bones and skin but how to unplant the seed?

Now let me hear you!
Let me hear what none will listen
Take what you have to take

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