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Death-Trap Lyrics

by Dauntless


Death-Trap Song Lyrics

Death-Trap by Dauntless

No more walls around, no blindfolded eyes
Almighty leader, no more devils in disguise (uncontrolled)

It seemed like the only way to live
The only way to build a community
No consequences - make no changes
Disbelievers will regret it

Hide it all
It's your death-trap
Hide it all, deny
This unity will carry us until the end
The history will not repeat itself again

No use for hesitation
Follow without fear

"It's not possible, it never happened
Do you really expect us to believe this?
The price we would have to pay is too much
You're full of lies"

Lies kept on spreading around
Everything was well
The truth came hard
Straight on our face

All the signs were there for everyone to see
No reason to criticise
Good things don't come for free

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