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C.K.Y. - Mustard Man lyrics

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Mustard Man by C.K.Y.

Mustard uhh behold
A story that I rather not have told
Of a mustard mayhem!
I’m riding and I'm running in my sleep
From mustard man
He chases me ‘til the last sunrise
And f**ks me in his mom’s mini van
Mustard man whoa, whoa bow down
I must serve you
I am on the ground
Bowing to your mustard sh*t
Lick your ass at the end of it
I will march for you mustard man; I'll stay true
Wu, Wu when I sh*t, when I try to run away, mustard man whipped me with his mustard chain,
And his mustard seeds p**sed in my face
And I bleed; Mustard… disease!
You think it's hot, but try on theese jeans made of whicker,
And they've got horse fleas,
Mustard in my dreams. Whoa!
Mustard god I’m on my knees bowing for you it’s hot
I feel pleasure, won't you please serve me twice tonight I need
Wu, Wu
Mustard seeds like I set up in my head
Jam them with some sugarcane, pleasured so good and I feel the pain
Wu Wu mustard makes me cry, I hate it.
I'd rather die then eat mustard flies, in a bowl of sh*t stains, snot and die
You don’t know how it feels to have a girl break my heart.
And rip it out, into mustard
She’d rather f**k mustard, never!
Mustard God, don’t take away from me, the pleasure of a young girl,
Who I’m gonna marry
I’ve got a broken heart from a mustard girl
She rocks my world, and now I’m allergic and on my knees and perverted
Mustard down loads in my wrong, I need a piece of sh*t
A log can feel my hands with mustard,
Wu, Wu, I don’t need that I like custard, um
Marching for Mr. Mustard
Urh, uh, oh, oh yeah…

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