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Chris Rea

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Album: Blue Street (Five Guitars) (2002)

1st Snow Mingus (Instrumental)
Big C (Instrumental)
Big C Big Sea (Instrumental)
Blue Miles (Instrumental)
Blue Street (Instrumental)
Funk 48 (Instrumental)
Hofner Break (Instrumental)
Piano Break (Instrumental)

Album: Dancing Down the Stony Road (2002)

Album: Stony Road (2002)

Album: King Of The Beach (2000)

Album: Dancing Shoes (1999)

Album: The Road to Hell: Part 2 (1999)

Album: The Blue Cafe (1998)

Album: Best Of Chris Rea (1995)

Album: La Passione (1995)

Album: Espresso Logic (1993)

Album: God's Great Banana Skin (1992)

Album: Auberge (1990)

Album: New Light Through Old Windows (1988)

Album: Road to Hell (1988)

Album: Dancing with Strangers (1986)

Album: On the Beach (1985)

Album: Shamrock Diaries (1984)

Album: Wired To The Moon (1983)

Album: Water Sign (1982)

Album: Chris Rea (1981)

Album: Deltics (1979)

Album: Tennis (1979)

Album: Whatever Happened to Benny Santini? (1977)

Album: So Much Love (1974)

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