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Album: Death Erotica (1992)

Album: Bastards (1991)

Album: Tower Of Spite (1990)

A Prophecy Fortold
A Serpent's Kiss
A Thousand Fires
Alas, The Withering One
Apocalyptic Paranoia Dementia (Instrumental)
Apparitions To Become
Barbaric Is The Beast
Beast In Black
Beneath The Sabbath Moon
Breaking The Law
Bringer Of Plague
Chasten Of Fear
Circle Of The Earth
Closing Irony
Come Forth... Damnation
Come Unto Fire
Creatures Of Another Light
Culte Des Mortes (I)
Damned Be Those Of The Craft
Darkness & War
Death Garden Waltz (Instrumental)
Death Worship Propaganda
Desecration Of Grace
Enter The Turmoil
Feast Of The Fools
Forgotten Genocide
From Men To Dust (Instrumental)
Heaven Falls Upon My Wings (Instrumental)
Human Slave Infantry
I Am The Black Wizards
Immortal Black Art
In My Madness Mystique
Injecting Out
Into The Black Forest Of Witchery
Lunacy Becomes Us (Instrumental)
March Of The Tyrants (Instrumental)
Martyr & Magick
Midnight Deathcult Phenomena
My Kingdom Of Cold Sorrows
Night Of The Graveless Souls
Obsidian Spells Of Hysteria
Of Ruins & Shameful Supremacy
Of Warriors Who Gather (Instrumental)
Onwards To Gallows Hill
Our Journey Through Forever
Prophets Of The Profane
Propogating The Witch
Quest For Midian
Reborn Through The Bestial Flame
Servants To The Throne Of Stone
Speak In Tongues
Stones Upon The Warlock
Sweet Misery I Foresee
The Black Spell Of Destruction
The Coming Of Dawn We Fear (2003)
The Crucible And The Cross
The Devil In Salem
The Fall Of Man
The Garden Of Dark Delights (Intro) (Instrumental)
The Gate Of Nanna
The Ghost Of Alice
The Miracle Of Bleeding
The Search For Tranquility (Instrumental)
To Be One With Storm (Tears Of Fire)
Tower Of Spite
Transilvanian Hunger
Unity For Who?
Universal Funeral March
Unleashed Hordes Of Fire & Steel
Valley Of Snakes
Valley Of Snakes (2003)
When Night Falls Forever
When The Saints Bleed
When Winter Spectres Come
When Wolves Desire
Where The Witches Waltz
Within The Kingdom Of Dark Obscurity
World Unsanctification

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