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California Redemption - Bombs away lyrics

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Bombs away by California Redemption

Blue skies, green grass, the sun is shining bright.
Kids playing on the street, while others are waiting to fight.
On my way to the beach, I look to the right.
Soldiers' narrow vision constricted through their guns' sites.
Blow away the smoke screens and open up your eyes
sedentary Americans its time to realize
that revenge isn't giving anyone a better life
just reason to fight back and cause more strife.
America: the world
America: where leaders feel no remorse.
We have preference,
When problems arise we live by our guns so tick, tick, tick, bomb!
So do you think that it
to fight a war that no one will win?
Our "leaders" are calling it a preemptive strike.
A preemptive impeachment, that would have been nice.
America, there's fireworks tonight.
America: chanting
United we'll march to defend our home while children abroad are dying alone.
Here come the troops, there are no problems, so tick, tick, tick, bomb!
We will defend. Never stop the fight. Enemies crushed beneath our boots.

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