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Tomorrow Lyrics

by Burning Tree Projekt


Tomorrow Song Lyrics

Tomorrow by Burning Tree Projekt

I can't unwind the time left behind
It's hard to find words to define
Feel the wind graze my face
Reminding me of a better place
Erase the rain that came
And face a world of pain
Driving me insane, mad thoughts, blood clots
Trapped in my brain
Indecision in my vision
caught in superstition with a premonition
that you're missin’ everything there is

All there is, sadness
All there is, emptiness
(I'm tired of the mess, tired of the stress
Wishing for death roaming endless nothing left
Overwhelmed by the sadness
Loneliness, emptiness found inside
I get weak as my hope dies
Can't survive, Can't flee with the darkness
Surrounding me constantly
I can't see or touch
It's too much; it's enough, situation too rough
So I give up not giving up)

I'm holding on for better days
Does anybody care
I'm sick of all this pain inside
But tomorrow will be a better day

I fall when I stride cuz it hurts inside
Everything I can't see everything reminds me
Every time I close my eyes I feel the waves break
Splitting in my skull, drowning out my world
It's pressure that I can't take, happiness I can't fake
Emptiness I can't shake, every time my heart breaks
Hard to embrace, so hard to chase
As I'm running in place, I'm losing the race

Walking through darkness with each step
Stepping closer to death, there's nothing left
The emptiness which dwells deep in my chest
Won’t rest, the madness, confusing
I'm losing it, choosing it, can't seem to leave
Can't seem to hide, so I cover my eyes
And then I realize the reality
The world is against me and all my ways
So I dream for better days

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