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by Burning Tree Projekt


Listen Song Lyrics

Listen by Burning Tree Projekt

Breathe in…and let go
Beyond each river lies an ocean you'll find
If life…seems unkind
I'll be waiting, anticipating you here, here

It’s never to late, never to far, LET'S GO
It can't wait, life's so hard, LET'S GO
Never go back, never look back, LET'S GO
It's right here, it's right now, LET'S GO

Unseen… we break down
Beyond each question, lies an answer you'll find
If no words… can define what you’re feeling
Just stop concealing the pain

Say, what you feel
What's inside your life
All the thoughts you hide
Say, all the words
Left to hurt inside, all the tears you cry

Just say, what you feel
He's here to listen and fill what's missing inside
And here, you'll find peace
Leave words unspoken, and hearts left broken behind-hind

I know the emptiness, is eating you inside
It flows, the tears, falling from your eyes
Your life, Your ways, Fading
All these days, Our time, it’s fading
Concentrating as you speak so much
Pain in your voice, so vein in your choices
Frustration and aggravation is killing you inside as I listen
My intuition is to argue dispute over Christian vs. non-Christian
But I contained still listening to the torture
That torments you so, scared and scared
As you hold the world it’s OK to let go
Right here right now let’s go

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