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Buckethead lyrics

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Album: Electric Sea (2012)

Album: Bermuda Triangle (2002)

911 (Instrumental)
Beestro fowler (Instrumental)
Bionic fog (Instrumental)
Davy jones locker (Instrumental)
Flight 19 (Instrumental)
Forbidden zone (Instrumental)
Intro (Instrumental)
Isle of dead (Instrumental)
Jabbar on alcatrazz avenue (Instrumental)
Mausoleum door (Instrumental)
Phantom lights (Instrumental)
Pullin the heavy (Instrumental)
Sea of expanding shapes (Instrumental)
Splintered triplet (Instrumental)
Sucked under (Instrumental)
Telegraph land of the crispies (Instrumental)
The triangle, pt. 1: extrakd (Instrumental)
The triangle, pt. 2 (Instrumental)
Whatevas (Instrumental)

Album: Electric Tears (2002)

All in the waiting (Instrumental)
Angel monster (Instrumental)
Baptism of solitude (Instrumental)
Datura (Instrumental)
Electric tears (Instrumental)
Kansas storm (Instrumental)
Mantaray (Instrumental)
Mustang (Instrumental)
Padmasana (Instrumental)
Sketches of spain (for miles) (Instrumental)
Spell of the gypsies (Instrumental)
The way to heaven (Instrumental)
Witches on the heath (Instrumental)

Album: Funnel Weaver (2002)

5-card trick (Instrumental)
Aluminum clouds (Instrumental)
Armour piercing projectile (Instrumental)
Atlantis found (Instrumental)
Bantam rising (Instrumental)
Blind centipede (Instrumental)
Blind sniper (fred rogers) (Instrumental)
Blue crystal (Instrumental)
Caretaker of memory (Instrumental)
Channel of secrets (Instrumental)
Combat shadow (Instrumental)
Comet shower (Instrumental)
Covert (Instrumental)
Death card (Instrumental)
Eye in the sky (Instrumental)
F-4 phantom (Instrumental)
F.l.i.p. (Instrumental)
Freezer burns (Instrumental)
From the foxholes (Instrumental)
Frozen head (Instrumental)
Hall of records (Instrumental)
High seat with the devil (Instrumental)
Hills have eyes (Instrumental)
Jessy (Instrumental)
Kangaroo kranes (Instrumental)
Killing mask (Instrumental)
Kingdom of nie (Instrumental)
Kurtz temple (Instrumental)
Lost threads (Instrumental)
Nappler radar (Instrumental)
Operation gateway (Instrumental)
Other side of midnight (Instrumental)
Plans within plans (Instrumental)
R.i.p. (Instrumental)
Rattlesnake hill (Instrumental)
Reaping the whirlwind (Instrumental)
Recreational cryonics (Instrumental)
Sea the hollow man (Instrumental)
Shriek of revenge (Instrumental)
Silhouettes against the sky (Instrumental)
Sky drones (Instrumental)
Sleeper agents (Instrumental)
Stolen identities (Instrumental)
Stub pylons (Instrumental)
Unsound methods (Instrumental)
Who is the enemy (Instrumental)
Worm turns (Instrumental)

Album: Somewhere Over The Slaughterhouse (2001)

Burlap curtain (Instrumental)
Conveyor belt blues (Instrumental)
Day of the ulcer (Instrumental)
Help me (Instrumental)
Knockingun (Instrumental)
My sheeetz (Instrumental)
Pin bones and poultry (Instrumental)
Somewhere over the slaughterhouse (Instrumental)
Wires and clips (Instrumental)
You like headcheese? (Instrumental)
You like this face? (Instrumental)

Album: Monsters And Robots (1999)

Ballad of buckethead (Instrumental)
Jowls (Instrumental)
Jump man (Instrumental)
Night of the slunk (Instrumental)
Nun chuka kata (Instrumental)
Revenge of the double man (Instrumental)
Scapula (Instrumental)
Shape vs. buckethead (Instrumental)
Sow thistle (Instrumental)
Stick pit (Instrumental)
Stun operator (Instrumental)
Who me? (Instrumental)

Album: Colma (1998)

Big sur moon (Instrumental)
Colma (Instrumental)
For mom (Instrumental)
Ghost (Instrumental)
Ghost (pt. 2) (Instrumental)
Hills of eternity (Instrumental)
Lone sal bug (Instrumental)
Machete (Instrumental)
Sanctum (Instrumental)
Watching the boats with my dad (Instrumental)
Whitewash (Instrumental)
Wishing well (Instrumental)
Wondering (Instrumental)

Album: The Day Of The Robot (1996)

Caution drop (Instrumental)
Collision (Instrumental)
Destroyer: speed flux quadrant / inclusion / exhaust release (Instrumental)
Flying guillotine (Instrumental)
Quantum crash (Instrumental)

Album: Giant Robot (1994)

Aquabot (Instrumental)
Binge and grab (instrumental version) (Instrumental)
Chicken (Instrumental)
Doomride (Instrumental)
I come in peace (Instrumental)
I love my parents (Instrumental)
Last train to bucketheadland (Instrumental)
Onions unleashed (Instrumental)
Post office buddy (Instrumental)
Pure imagination (Instrumental)
Robot transmission (Instrumental)
Star wars (Instrumental)
Want some slaw? (Instrumental)
Warweb (Instrumental)
Welcome to bucketheadland (Instrumental)

Album: Bucketheadland (1992)

Alice in slaughterland (Instrumental)
Bansheebot bop (Instrumental)
Bansheebot vs buckethead (Instrumental)
Baseball buddy (Instrumental)
Bleeding walls (Instrumental)
Bucketbots jig (Instrumental)
Buddy in the graveyard (Instrumental)
Buddy on a slab (Instrumental)
Cattle prod (Instrumental)
Computer master (Instrumental)
Diabolical minds (Instrumental)
Enter guillatine (Instrumental)
Enter slip disc (Instrumental)
Funeral time (Instrumental)
Giant robot - interlude (Instrumental)
Giant robot theme (Instrumental)
Giant robot vs guillatine (Instrumental)
Gorey head stump (Instrumental)
Guillatine battle (Instrumental)
Home run derby - interlude (Instrumental)
Home run derby - part 2 (Instrumental)
Hook & pole gang (Instrumental)
I love my parents (Instrumental)
Intro - park them (Instrumental)
Intro - park them extension (Instrumental)
Main theme (Instrumental)
Oh jeez... (Instrumental)
Phantom monk (Instrumental)
Robot dance (Instrumental)
Slaughter zone - the haunted farm (Instrumental)
Steel wedge (Instrumental)
Sterling scapula (Instrumental)
The rack (Instrumental)
Virtual reality (Instrumental)
Virtual reality - part 1 (Instrumental)
Wonka in slaughter zone (Instrumental)

Album: Other Songs

Azzim's lectures (Instrumental)
Buckethead's chamber of horrors (Instrumental)
Buckethead's toy store (Instrumental)
Buckethead's tv show (Instrumental)
Nosin' (Instrumental)
Nosin' part 2 (Instrumental)
Pirate's life for me
Skid's looking where (Instrumental)
Spider's web (Instrumental)
The Cobra's Hood
Two Pints
Waiting Hare
We Are One

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