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Big D And The Kids Table

Song Lyrics

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Album: Fluent In Stroll (2009)

Album: Beijing To Boston (2007)

Album: Strictly Rude (2007)

'nuff Respect
'nuff Respect (Remix)
2 Da Good Tymz
3 Forties & A Bottle Of Moet
A Job Ain't Nuthin' But Work
Ain't No Half-Steppin'
Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now
Any Type Of Way
Breaking The Bottle
Brooklyn Style... Laid Out
Brother Man, Brother Man
Brother, Brother
Cameo Afro
Cause I Can Do It Right
Change This Game Around
Daddy's Home
Dj's Get No Credit
Do U Really Know?
Don't Do It To Yourself
Down The Line
Earth, Wind & Fire
Fly Away
Git Bizzy
Give A Demonstration (feat. Big Scoob)
Give It To Me
Heal Yourself
Hell On Earth
Here Comes Kane, Scoob And Scrap
Hold It Down
How U Get A Record Deal?
I'll Take You There
I'm Not Ashamed
In The Pj's
It's A Big Daddy Thing
It's Hard Being The Kane
Just Rhymin' With Biz
Keep 'em On The Floor
Live Freestyle 95
Looks Like A Job For...
Lyrical Gymnastics
Mister Cee's Master Plan
Mr. Pitiful
Noise Complaint
On The Bugged Tip
Ooh, Aah, Nah-Nah-Nah
Pimpin' Ain't Easy
Prince Of Darkness
Rap Summary
Rap Summary (Lean On Me Remix)
Rap Summary (Lean On Me)
Raw '91
Raw Revolution
Relocate The Beat
Rest In Peace
Set It Off
Sex According To The Prince Of Darkness
She Knows Her Way
Shining On
Show & Prove
Somebody's Been Sleeping In My Bed
Souped-up Vinyl
Steady Riot
Stop Shammin'
Strictly Rude
Taste Of Chocolate Intro
Terra N Ya Era
That's How I Did 'em
The Day You're Mine
The House That Cee Built
The Lover In You
The Man, The Icon
The One
The Way It's Goin' Down
To Be Your Man
Troubled Man
Try Out Your Voice
Uncut, Pure
Uncut, Pure (Original Remix)
Very Special
Word To The Mother
Word To The Mother (Land)
Wrath Of Kane
Wrath Of Kane (Live)

Album: How It Goes (2004)

Album: The Gipsy Hill [Ep] (2002)

Album: Look What You've Done... [Split w/ Five Knuckle] (2001)

Album: Good Luck (2000)

Album: Shot By Lammi [Split W/ Drexel] (1997)

Album: Shot By Lammi [Split with Drexel] (1997)

Album: Other Songs

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