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The Awakening Lyrics

by Backjumper


The Awakening Song Lyrics

The Awakening by Backjumper

Barely following the steps of a righteous path
It won't be nothing turned
These eyes are darkened gone
That train is gone forever
It won't becoming ever
The place this world want me to be in

Take your time, see and sever
Until these sleepless nights are slowly gone
Take your time now, see and fucking sever
Until these sleepless nights are slowly gone
Not all of these sleepless nights are gone

I can still see knifes that sever
There is nothing that we want more
We won't believe the same faults again
There's not deadly-afraid victims, only aware executors
Passing away the frontline dictators
I carve this pact in me, that wakes the cruelty
Of this creation made through destruction

I can still feel these blades searching
Deeper they're reclaiming for

You know the night is darker, right before the dawn
Don't try to see it through, and don't pretend to know
Can't you refuse these kinda of visions, can't you define a reason

Wake up
You got the demons awaken
You got the time broken
Everytime you know to got the demons awaken
Rise up

I do terrible dreams, I wake up and regret them
Even when you sleep the world's still awake, head this failure

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