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Sun Static Lyrics

by Backjumper


Sun Static Song Lyrics

Sun Static by Backjumper

Sometimes it hurts, Sometimes it shines
That makes us feel, that makes us real, we are now truly alive
Wake up and smell the concrete
When you're down there's nothing more to see
Beneath the punches thrown
And the chances gone
There is always something more

Begin to change your side

Everything pass and got put behind
We must learn from the past and put it in mind
Whatever happens you'll always have yourself
Cause you won't count on anyone else
Look Around, begin to change your side,
Rearrange, begin to change your mind
But don't forget, that would be worst of the crimes

Taste the flavor of defeat
And lighten the weight of the world
You're crawling deep to the way out
And unlock the door and wipe the doubt
You're crawling deep to the way out
And unlock the door inside yourself

Run in circles, wondering for the end

Whatever will bring tomorrow
It's clear you'll take it to your grave
Between your flesh and bones
And your hours alone
You got always your thirst for something more

Is not that easy to go through all the things this life hide to us

An endless circle, a downward spiral
Created in my chest
It resonates through my heart and head
Finds in my mouth all of this bitterness

Under the black clouds of our empty days
We will always have our stories of scars
Of death and of broken hearts
We are nothing more than words
And the hardest thing is to prove you mean nothing to me

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