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Azure Ray - Stolen Pride lyrics

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Stolen Pride by Azure Ray

I know it sounds so simple
And not very important
What I called my pride
To normal people
It's just normal things
But what I called pride was all inside
I don't understand
You think I have to much pride to leave
Or end my life?
Well im sorry it's not pride
It was my love for you
See I don't believe in divorce either
But Im also not here on earth
To waste peoples time
If its not right its not right
But only for you
I would ever put up this kind of fight
If all i am to you
Is chains
Then ok let me go
I'm sorry that I thought pride
Was falling and always getting back up
I thought pride
Was learning whats inside
And what made you feel alive
You were and are that for me
How can one be both
Killing and alive
Oh you kill me and keep me alive
Oh i would die for you there is no doubt
But you gave me all i ever wanted
And i cant leave these boys
If you wanted to see how far i would go for us
If you wanted to see my soul
And whats inside
And that ive always been the one
Then give me the chance to show
All youve ever taught me
To stand up for myself
To be proud
Cause thats whats so strange
Im finally to where i can do that
And you keep me down
Tell me how to show
Where to go
Im ready to let it all out
Im ready to tell the world what im all about
And how someone should pay for this hell
Theres gotta be a good reason for your part
I know your were employed quite easily in the start
I know in my heart
Ive learned the greatest love
And the greatest hate
And im ready to speak and stand up for myself
Since nobody else will
Nobody else will
Oh i wish you could see what youve taught me to be
But im holding on
Being strong
Hoping the you i love
Is not all wrong
You want to see a queen
You want to see a leader
You want to see someone to stand by you forever
Then show me where to go!
You know im talking to you
You know i know you see it all
I wonder how many have died
From the cruel fate of this hateland
It's time to end
Even if it leaves me alone
God all i ever wanted was a little less snow....
A little less snow
You can't laugh me off
If your love is true
Either way
Tell me who to pay
Who is gonna get to pay for ruining my life
I dont want the ones i know of
I want the top
I want the top
Im sorry my love
I never knew you were giving anything up for me
I thought you were unhappy
I thought you wanted me
I dont want you love if its only because the sorrow in my eyes
You caused that
So you own that
But for us
I can dissolve that
Ive paid for my sins
Id forgive you
If you were asking
Ive programmed my mind
And know where I stand
You've done everything i know
That i said would kill me
Im so sorry for letting you down
I guess i lied
Cause im still alive
I didnt' know love could make me so strong
Even for a little glimpse
That your love is true
I'm keeping my word
My loyalty
Til the brutal end
The brutal truth
Of all the shame and evil in the world....
You all picked the one who has never been afraid to show and fix
My incompetencies
I guess theres not enough bad in the world
To pick on me, just a broken girl

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