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Azure Ray - Saw With My Own Three Eyes lyrics

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Saw With My Own Three Eyes by Azure Ray

Never knew why I saw the things i did
You made sure to tell me it was all in my head
God not once did you flench
Not once did you cry
As you told me your truth
Which turned out to be lies
I beat myself blue
Trying to be as good as you
Started years before you
Knew I had issues so if I wanted my relationship to work
Id have to get to the bottom of them
Every week baring and tearing my soul open
It was never good enough
But god it was hard enough
Hardest thing to ever do is learn everything wrong with you
Fast forward to you
The songs I wrote of ghost haunting me
Of what Id never have
My brother was in a band
Out of the suffering
God get me out of the suffering
I saw you kiss her in the other room
I saw you had another in your room
But you were true true as good be
Believe me babe
Im singing this just for me
Oh whos callin Ms Callin
Whos calling
Ms Callin
Told you if thats what you want
If thats what you need
Then thats how its gotta be
The only reason i hold on knowing all i do
Is theres something that always told me my love was you
So you needed me to let go
You hated how all us girls just couldnt let go
Oh ms callin ms callin
Please dont be so rude
Next time leave me a gatorade too
I dont want you to hide
And sneak around
I know the years I had to for him
Were what made me so confused
Love will do alot
It will bring you to your knees
What I learned from him
Never made sense
Cause he never told me of his sins
But for him I'll keep this quiet
And if he really wants me gone
Then he will tell me to my face
For people that are cruel enough to do this to a girl
Then it shouldnt be so hard to admit
But no
He watched me loose my mind
Watched all that I'd tried to learn and do on my own
Shatter to pieces
God not a flinch
Not a smile
Oh ms callin
I wish you knew
What ive seen with my own three eyes
It would make you feel alive
You two could have what you want
If thats how it should be
I know you went to alot of work
Figuring out how to keep the money you feel you need
Oh wow
And you call me a whore
Well if thats whats this is about
Why he's given his life
Wasted his life
Cant call me his wife
Well believe me id sign on the dotted line
I dont need a dime of your evil made money
All i want is his true love
Take your document
And take your sins
And lets truley let this begin
I showed my soul
You show me yours
Ms callin ms callin
Whos callin
Ms callin
She can't help she likes my style
She likes to hear me moan
She thinks im on my own
Shes gotta a little crush on me
The way she watches me
Send me some more pictures
You know i like to see
Oh you cant hide from me
But please please dont be so rude
Next time leave me a happy pill and gatorade too!
Yea yea your fourth of july was pretty memorable
I know its all you got to keep singing about
Yes it was pretty hot
I guess I just dont see the big deal
Cause every moment with him
Is always off the charts
I don't get hot and bothered just once a year
And i certaintly can do it without a little pill
Promises are promises
And you two have plenty
But unfortunatly everybody knows
We are better together
I can keep this going
I can show everyone the way
I've finally protected my heart
I know what I am
And im sorry im not leaving that man
It's gonna have to happen
Not in a god damn song
Sorry you've wasted your life and time
He'll love you to the moon and back
And make amends on that document
You know it speaks for itself
Sorry you all thought Id break so easy
Believe me he tried for years
Even trying to ruin every holiday
So please dont be sad
There must be something real
Because you see our man
Could of left a long time ago
I gave him what he needed if he needed
And i still always will
Maybe ill pay the debts
I mean he is taxed trastically
Ill prepare you for your world
But again im not leaving
Til i hear one true word
I wish I could tell you all ive seen with my three eyes
Oh wow
Whos callin now
Ms callin ms callin
So much so much i could say
Show me your soul
I showed mine
Show me your soul
I showed mine
Step right up in line

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