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Autograph - Carve Your Heart Out lyrics

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Carve Your Heart Out by Autograph

Blacked out. Urge not to live. I used to have. A shade of
My own. Life has consumed. What was mine. I struggle
Being significant. Almost unknown. A stranger to this
Face of the earth. I'm waiting for you. You'll realize
What you just lost. I'll steal. Your most precious
Memories, my delicacy fantasies. I'll taste you, my
Delicacy fantasies. I'll taste you. A taste of you. I'm
Surrounding you. Your depression will be delightful.
Looking for the open flame in your eyes. I'll carve your
Heart out. You'll realize what you just lost. I'll steal.
Your most precious memories. My delicacy fantasies. I'll
Taste you. My delicacy fantasies. I'll taste you. My
Delicacy fantasies. A severe hunger. Has slaved me. A
Meager sacrifice. To feed my wounds. A conquest. For
Pleasures. Has left me empty. Depraved. I raise.
Depraved. Nothing to be found. A world to be drawn. A
Conquest. For pleasures. Has left me starved. Irrational.
I'll devour your hope. I'll suck your faith. I'll carve
Your heart out. I'll taste you. To feed my wounds.

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