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Autograph - Apathy Is A Karma Killer lyrics

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Apathy Is A Karma Killer by Autograph

If those few words were the last ones ever said. And
This goodbye would be the final one. Those cents the
Last ones ever spent. If this night would stop or never
End. The snow would never melt or the sun never be
Again. Could it be the last night and the last one,
You? We would never grow old, become pale parodies and
Forget all of our memories. We would never know all
About the upcoming failures in the world that carried
Us. We would avoid all the hatred, the wars, and the
Genocides, the breaking point of devastation, witness
The world folding on itself. Isn't it enough? We could
Be the next target in the war on power, terror, or in
Explosives attacks on fallen cities. Could it be the
Last night? We would miss the day of the sure
Awakening, the sleeping giant hate filled for his
Vengeance. Or the moment we won't be able to afford
More waste of human life. And more evidence of torture,
Widespread confusion and violence. If this was the last
Day I would tell you, I'm confused. All we do is fight.
Life isn't that nice. Karma is just a fairy tale. There
Is no promised land. Maybe your life would have been
Different. Maybe you would have been fulfilled or
Believed in god. You won't see a world doomed to
Collapse. I can't offer land, just a pile of toxic
Waste. Saving tomorrow, I have no fears. Going forward
In the path of a lonesome quest, with the leftovers of
An honest adventure. I will silence my rage and let
Bravery stand. The bland flavor, I spit on the basis of
Living. It's over crowded dirty and useless, let me
Take a rest. We will avoid all the hatred, the wars,
And genocides, the breaking point of devastation,
Witness the world folding on itself. You will never see
Or have your chance. This moment is our last one.
Something will never happen; the start of your life,
The day you would have seen the light. My hand is
Reaching for you, you my daughter. It's our last night.

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