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Lyrics for album: New Songs

4: 30 Am
52 Pick Up
7th St. Entry
A Heave And A Ho
Abusing The Rib
Always coming back home to you (se7en's travels)
Another Knight
As the rain falls
Bird songs why the caged i know
Blak Culture
Bleed Slow
Cashier In A Convience Store
Dead Wolf
Dirty Girl
Edie brikell
Edie Brikell (Sixtoo Bush At The Helm Remix)
F*@K You Lucy
Fashion magazine
Flesh (Remix)
For new york compilation
Get Fly
Hidden track (seven's travels)
Hockey Hair
How I Won The War
I Wish Those Cats @ Phobia Would Give Me Some Free Shoes
If I Was Santa Clause
Inside outsider
Keep Steppin'
Keep steppin' (slug)
Kingdom warfare
Lambslaughter (slug)
Lifter puller
Little man
Love Each Other
Makeshift Patriot
Millennium Dodo 2
Musical Chairs
My Best Half
My Songs
Pour Me Another
Prides paranoia
Princess Spoken Word
Prom Quiz - Grayskul
Reflections (slug)
Rhythm Of Rain
Running With Scissors
Sad Clown
Shoes (se7en's travels)
Smart Went Crazy
Step by step (slug)
Summer Song
Takin' Ova
That Night
The bird
The Hands of Time
The Jackpot
The key to life vs 15 minutes of fame
The river
The wind
The X Has Come.
This Is How The Story Goes
Tonight's Man
Trailer Park Chicken
Verse from.. (slug)
Verse From...
Watch Out
Write Now (Multiples #4)

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Lyrics for album: You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having (2005)

Anarchy Means That I Litter
Angelface (Multiples 5 Vs Travel 4)
Atari Track And Field/new Controller Conspiracy
Atom And His Package
Avenger (Rock Version)
Bam (Eventually Suddenly)
Bloody Lip
Bloody Lip (live)
Brooks My Dog, The Box, Brian Sokel & Me
Cross Country Atom And His Package Tour Via Bicycle
Cross Country Atom And His Package Tour Via...
Get Fly (What If Jesus Forgot To Put You On The Guestlist?)
He Kissed Me (Dancy Pants Version)
He Kissed Me (Nice And EZ)
He Kissed Me (Rock Version)
Hockey Hair (You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having)
I'm Downright Amazed At What I Can Destroy With Ju
I'm Downright Amazed At What I Can Destroy With Just A Hammer
I'm Downright Amazed At What I Can Destroy...
If You Own The Washington Redskins You're A Cock
Intro (live)
Little Man (I Love You)
Lord It's Hard To Be Happy When You're Not Using The Metric System
Lord Its Hard To Be Happy When Your Not (live)
Lord, It's Hard To Be Happy (When You're Not Using
Matt Werth Speaks
Mind's Playing Tricks On Me
Panic Attack (The P.A.)
Pour Me Another (Another Poor Me)
Say Hey There (Gotta Go To Mexico)
She's In The Bathroom
Shes In The Bathroom & Shes Shaking Me 'Til Tommor
Shopping Spree(Har Mar)
Smart Went Crazy (The Beauty Pill)
Snowshoe Bbq
That Night (Sunshine Blues)
The Arrival (The Baby Farmer)
Watch Out (Hey You)
Wonderman (Hammer Smashed Ball)

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