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His hate, her love Lyrics



His hate, her love Song Lyrics

His hate, her love by Arsonists

[Chorus #1: Lori Velez]
Why you wanna disrespect my love?
Why you wanna go against my heart and soul?
Don't you realize the love I'm giving you?
Don't you wanna love me too?

[Verse One: Jise One]
Do you wanna what? So now you question my love?
Who took you in and your son, who treat 'em like he was blood?
All day you buggin out, sayin I'm playin behind your back
Being a b**ch, callin the cops, drop charges to take me back
What is it? 'Cause I'm stayin, I can't live without you
If I can't have you, no one will, don't make me prove it to you
So what I catch a mood swing here and there, that's just rough time
Discipline is what a man about, woman you tryin to undermine?
And mine is like a size 12 foot for you security
Tell me, haven't I came through to provide well for this family?
Bullsh*t! And I can't stand you, ma told me you'd f**k my life
up and downsize any good that I've done to big yourself
Don't you dare get in my face
Can't have a peace inside this house, always invading my space
But I'm the one who's catchin the case for gettin stupid
and smackin you all excited when you started it in the first place

Her love, his hate
His words, her fate (what you do to me)
No escape..
His anger, her tears
His abuse, her child, his excuse
What a waste..

[Verse Two: Swel Boogie as "the child"]
Hey dad why you walkin all wobbly and lookin sloppy?
You never nice, always screamin and cursin at mommy
from verbal to physical, fightin into a break up
I notice you beefin from the second moment you wake up
Oh I get it, us men have to prove that we are stronger
Put our foot down, man of the house, we last longer
I wanna be just like you and always keep my fist up
By your age I'll be twice as mean if I practise with my sister
'cause I put vics in her eyes, that's what she gets for darin me
And if what you're doing is right then why is it scarin me
I guess I'll understand a little better when I get older
The more abuse I see and learn the more I'll get bolder
And by my first girl I'll be higher and should be wiser
I always wondered why the neighbor called you a womanizer
but I know now, men rule and it is what it is
Don't worry, I'll make you proud and pass it down to my kids

[Chorus #2: Lori Velez]
Don't you think that I could be your one and only?
Don't you think that you could be the one to hold me?
Don't you think that I could be your one and only?
Recognize what's here for you

[Verse Three: Q-Unique]
Something clicked, she no longer wanted to hear she was no good
No more jokes about her overweight and that she just never could
She had to stop livin in doubt, stop livin in fear
Stop feelin inferior, wishin he would just disappear
For years her words had taken away her self-esteem,
killed most of her motivation and shattered all of her dreams
And yo, the name calling in public or behind closed doors
Everything from "stupid b**ch" to "you filthy whore"
He made her believe a succesful life was nothing next to slim
and that she wouldn't be worth spit without him
Finally realizing it was him that would never amount to sh*t
and he would bring her down with him just to feel someone legit
He felt threatend by her passion so he took action
and verbally tore it down to a fraction, intimidating her reaction
Gathering her belongings with pity she felt
knowin he'd be livin out the rest of his days always hatin himself

(Chorus #1)
(Chorus #2 x2)

"Listen carefully. Get the f**k out of here or I'll kick your ass!!"

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